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Publish from a position of power

Lots of authors have made the decision to self-publish, not from stress, but from a position of power. Even if you want to eventually get a deal from a publishing house, you'll know what your business is worth and you'll become a more confident negotiator.

For example, romance author Bella Andre made a hybrid deal with Harlequin to publish her books in print while she kept the ebook rights. This was groundbreaking and caused the whole industry to re-think their publishing strategies. (Thank you, Bella!)

These days, many authors choose to self-publish. It's no wonder! When you maintain control, you make all the decisions. Your book will never be backlisted unless you decide to backlist it. You can change the cover. You can change the title. You can change how it’s distributed. You can change the metadata. You can experiment with marketing strategies. You can bundle it with your other books or with books by other authors. It’s all up to you.

If you’ve never run your own business, this may seem intimidating. But you don't need to worry about tackling this all at once. Take it a step at a time as you finish your manuscript and learn about the rest of the publishing process. You’ll be glad you did it right. My aim is to help you make money from your writing and to minimize the dead-ends, U-turns, and do-overs.

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"Carla's program covers it all. Her knowledge of this business is extensive and is well communicated through this program.

If you're serious about creating an author business then this course is a must.

She's broken this course down into bite-size, manageable pieces that even the busiest person can find the time to work through and never lose focus. Her friendly nature and responsiveness to questions is a bonus you'll not find everywhere. She truly cares about our success."

A.M. Bochnak, author, Fortitude Rising


As an independent author and publisher you wear many hats, including that of a small-business owner. This role can be rewarding because you have so much more control than if you sell your books to a publishing company. You don't have to do it alone. Join us!

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"It's actually fun to take these lessons. They are full of good advice, practical tips, and they include tons of resource material, all presented in a manner that is easy to follow and use. Carla's infectious, bright personality and generous willingness to help others work their way through the jungle of self-publishing is evident throughout the course."

Tamara Merrill, The Augustus Family Trilogy

"Carla King's courses and experiences have been the most critical step along my road to self-publishing. Without her help and guidance on self-publishing, I doubt my most recent two books would have been written."

Norm DeWitt, Making it Faster


  1. Lifetime membership in the course, even at the low beta price
  2. The Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors, 4th Edition ebook
  3. The Consumer's Guide to Writing & Publishing Tools & Services ebook
  4. Handy worksheets and cheat sheets




The Create Your Publishing Business course is the second course in the Self-Publishing Boot Camp series of six courses.

The courses are, in order:

  1. The Self-Publishing Freedom Course
  2. Set Up Your Publishing Business
  3. Design and Format Your Book
  4. Distribute Your Book
  5. Sell Your Book Direct
  6. Book PR and Marketing

Benefits of the bundle:

  1. Lifetime membership in all the courses and additional courses
  2. The Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors, 4th Edition in print
  3. Handy worksheets and cheat sheets
  4. Membership in a private Facebook group
  5. Your questions answered in regular live webinars and Q&A sessions

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Creating a business plan, researching the marketplace, and getting your business in order—taxes, legal matters, and copyright—will help you create a viable business from the start.

You'll learn how to create a basic business plan, compare your goals with market research that proves you have a good shot at meeting those goals, outline a sales strategy, and make sure your book shows up in the all the right book systems so that bookstores, libraries, and customers, can find it.

Get into the independent publishing mindset. Start out right or start over and become a professional not an amateur. So many authors make money from their writing and publishing. Why not you?


Your Instructor

Carla King
Carla King

Carla King is the founder of the Self-Publishing Boot Camp educational series of books and workshops. With a background in technical writing and a passion for travel, she started self-publishing her bicycle and motorcycle adventure travel books in 1994. Since then, Carla has helped many others in their writing and publishing journeys.

King has been known as a leader in self-publishing education since 2010 with Self-Pub Boot Camp courses and books and her Destination Published concierge services. She organizes the self-publishing and technology track for the San Francisco Writers Conference, works as an industry advisor, speaks at publishing conferences, podcasts, and other events.

As the author of many books (on adventure travel) and as a publishing consultant, her firsthand knowledge makes King one of the most trusted guides in the industry. Her Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors is the most comprehensive how-to manual for independent authors today. Authors and publishers around the world also count on her Consumer’s Guide for Self-Publishers with reviews of the tools and services that help independent authors publish.

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Book Identifiers, Library Systems, and Your Copyright Page
What they are, why you need them, and how to manage them so you keep ownership of your book
Carla King
Resources for Self-Publishers
Freebies you can use now to get started on the right path
Carla King

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When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund.
Do you provide on-on-one support for this course?
I love communicating with authors! We can "talk" in the comments section of each lesson and in the private Facebook group, too! If you've purchased the Self-Publishing Boot Camp bundle you can join one of our regular online meetings.

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