Overview and goals

The goal of the this course is to set you up to own your book by registering your book's information to yourself or (preferably) your business.

  • All About ISBNS & Barcodes
  • PCNs, LCCNs, CIP Blocks and Why You Need Them
  • Copyrighting Your Book

Most authors who take this course end up forming their own publishing business. One of the big reasons to do so is to get a separate tax ID so you don't have to use your personal tax ID such as a social security number for your publishing business. You'll need it when you purchase ISBNs and upload your book for distribution, and at tax time when you're doing your business accounting.

When you purchase or register your ISBNs, you can use your publishing imprint name and you'll look 100% more professional.

If you have not already purchased the business course bundle, which includes this course, please email me at [email protected] and I will give you a discount code to get it so you don't have to pay for this standalone course twice.

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